Choosing Sheet Vinyl

Choosing VinylIt amazes me that most people don’t even consider vinyl   when thinking about flooring for their kitchen, bathroom or hallway. Vinyl   has changed considerably from the old style linoleum. It is now a smart,   fashionable, quality flooring material, a genuine alternative to ceramic   tiles.

Vinyl comes in various widths: two, three and four metres   for the domestic market, and 1.83m and 2m wide commercially. The cushioned   backing on the domestic vinyl makes it a very comfortable surface to walk on.   And most vinyl is very resilient.

The commercial sector has been using vinyl for years, and   will continue to do so. This is because it is so resilient and versatile from   the floors to the walls. Its applications are only limited by your   imagination

There are a vast range of designs and patterns. You can go   for the look of marble, slate, ceramic tiles, timber, cork or parquetry. And   with the advanced technology of laser and water cutting, we can now   incorporate logos and inlaid features.

Vinyl offers limitless design possibilities thanks to the   wide range of patterns and borders.

As we pointed out earlier, vinyl flooring is one of the best flooring options for your home but it seems that many people don’t recognise the potential benefits that it provides.  That’s why we’ve put together this guide, so that you can be reminded of the benefits of installing vinyl flooring and perhaps choose to use it in your home or next flooring project.

 Vinyl Flooring Gives You Design Options

One of the biggest benefits of vinyl flooring is the sheer amount of options that you get design wise.  Vinyl flooring is available in just about any colour and pattern that you can think of. You can choose from solid colours, or from a range of patterns including those that mimic other flooring types including natural stone, wood, and tiles. It comes in different textures as well, from completely smooth to attractive pebbled textures.

 Vinyl Flooring is Durable and Resilient

Another benefit of vinyl flooring is how durable it is.  If it is installed correctly, it will last for many years with very little maintenance.  It also handles heavy foot traffic extremely well, without wearing and it resists stains very well.  Vinyl flooring is also a resilient form of flooring. The word resilient means that it is softer underfoot and has more give, so it is more comfortable to stand on.  The resilience of the floor also means that it is quieter than many other hard floor surfaces. With the cushion backing on some of the modern vinyls, they make for great insulation.

 Vinyl Flooring is Hygienic and Easy to Clean

One of the most popular reasons for choosing vinyl is how hygienic it is and how easy it is to clean. Vinyl flooring is incredibly water resistant and has very few seams, particularly the 4m wide domestic variety, so there are few places for bacteria to hide and grow.  The seams themselves are also sealed with either a cold seam sealer for most domestic installations or a hot weld for commercial vinyl.

It is also very easy to clean, and you can use disinfectants and other sanitising chemicals on the flooring without risking damage. This means that your floors are not only clean aesthetically, they are very hygienic, making them great for asthma or allergy sufferers. Not to mention, you can let your kids crawl and play on vinyl floors without any germ fears!

In most household installation, I suggest that you clean your floor with super hot water.

 Vinyl Flooring is Economical

Yet another benefit of vinyl flooring is how economical it is.  Per square metre, it is much cheaper to buy and install than many other types of flooring, and if you are handy, you can even install it yourself.

With the way vinyl is manufactured it is easy to give your area a new look that convincingly emulates the look of other flooring such as stone or timbre, ceramic tiles, checker plate, the list goes on. The thing is that you can get the look of a natural stone or wood floor without the cost or the maintenance!  Also, because it is so hard wearing product, you will not have to replace it for a number of years, which will also save you money.  The modern day vinyls are just about maintenance free. All you need to do is sweep and mop them.  Of course in a commercial environment, you will need to consider sealing and polishing.


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