Choosing Installation for Sheet Vinyl

There are two ways you can install vinyl, Direct Stick or Full Stick and Loose Lay

1)      Direct Stick

This is when you apply the adhesive to the entire area that the vinyl is being installed in.  When installing commercial it is essential that it be installed using the direct stick method as it gives you a floor with dimensional stability, allowing you to move heavy items by means of push trolleys or mechanical devices.  All commercial jobs should be installed this way and any domestic vinyl over 16m2 should also be installed this way.

2)      Loose Lay

Only domestic vinyls should be installed this way and only to a maximum of 16m2.  This method is performed as it suggests by laying the vinyl flat on the sub-floor, only using an adhesive or double-sided tape under the joins, dishwasher, fridge, freezer and washing machine.  Most loose lay installations are performed because the sub-floor is not suitable for a direct stick method, or it’s a temporary solution of some description.

Note: To install vinyl using the direct stick method the sub-floor must be in top shape as the end result of the floor you look at is a mirrored reverse of your sub-floor, i.e. a good sub-floor – nice looking vinyl job.  If your sub-floor needs work please think about the type of flooring you intend on using or ask us to quote on making it good again.


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